Specialist System Applications
Safety & Security Product Range :
Jet-trak : Remote Ignition Control (RIC) System.
STOP/ENABLE Jet-Ski & Tender ignition from the Main Vessel.
ECDIS option, and handheld remote control available.
Standalone system available (up to 6 jet-skis from single remote)
MOB-trak : Man Over Board Distress Beacon.
MOB recovery Beacon. View MOB position on the chart. Water activated, LED strobe. Alarms generated on the Tender and Main Vessel.
Standalone system available.
Docking Approach System.
Secure docking system, providing real-time position information on docks/quays. Monitor accurate Dock position, true wind & tidal height when coming alongside. TCA/TCPA alarms available as relay outputs.
Marina / Port Security System.
Alert local port/marina office to alarms raised on the vessel whilst in berth (bilge/intruder/fire). The boat ignition can be disabled automatically, if vessel moved outside a pre-set geo-fence.






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